NEW! 3rd Edition of my book: Principles of Shamanism. Just newly published

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Shamanism is the oldest way in which humanity has sought connection with Creation. The origins of shamanism go back at least 40,000 – 50,000 years to Stone Age times. All of us have evolved from shamanic cultures, shamanism is not imported, it is our roots wherever we live.


Anthropologists have studied shamanism in North, Central and South America, Africa, amongst the aboriginal people of Australasia, the Eskimo and Lapps of the far north, in Indonesia, Malaysia, Senegal, Patagonia, Siberia, Bali, Ancient Britain and across Europe, in Tibet where the path of Bon shamanism underlies Tibetan Buddhism – in places all over the world. I myself have learned from Inca and Shipibo of Peru, Lakota, Cherokee, Pueblo, Hopi and Ojibway of North America, and from apprentices of the Huichols of Mexico. All over the world there is evidence of shamanic practices from as far back as the palaeolithic period. From ancient cave drawings and similar records it seems that all indigenous peoples shared a similar cosmology, a similar understanding of how the Universe works. Today shamanism survives on all inhabited continents in less ‘developed’ regions in spite of the relentless onslaught of Western scientific materialism, the treatment of the Earth and nature as something to be dominated and exploited, and


 dogmatic male-dominated religion. Now, as the unsustainable nature of Western civilization is becoming visible, more and more people of the industrial world are turning to the old cultures for help and guidance in finding a way back to a greater balance with nature, with Planet Earth, and with themselves.



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Eagle’s WingCollege of Contemporary Shamanism

Established 1987                                   


April 12/13th

SHAMANIC JOURNEYING & SWEATLODGE ceremonial weekend           Bedfordshire

With Leo Rutherford

Shamanic journeying is a method of accessing our inner being/bodymind and revealing inner truth. This will be the focus of the weekend with the addition of a sweatlodge ceremony on Saturday evening

The Sweat Lodge Ceremony is a very beautiful way to enter into the heart of the Earth. It is a place where you can truly engage with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, in prayer for yourself and others. It is a time to go inward, honour the deep, to release into the stillness.

Saturday times are 10am – approx 8/9pm; Sunday 10 am-5pm. 

Venue: Clophill Centre, Shefford Road, Clophill, MK45 8BT.     £135 / booking deposit £50

Info/booking: Richard Diss  01525-862278 /


Sunday April 27th 2014 10.30am – 4.30pm                                                                   Brighton

REMOTE VIEWING AND TIME TRAVEL WORKSHOP – Expanding our natural psychic abilities and seeing into the future.        With Leo Rutherford; MA Holistic Psychology.


A day of exploration into abilities beyond the five senses dedicated to expanding these abilities, developing ourselves and broadening our vision.

We only see a small amount of the vibrations of light and hear just a small percentage of sound. Some animals hear much more – dog whistles are silent to us but not to dogs.

The shaman ‘walks with one foot in the everyday and one in the spirit world’. We will play with the edge of perceived reality through interactive experiences to help us open up to greater possibilities.

At  Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR

Booking: 01273 204204 /   £46


May 3rd/4th                                                                                                         Sale, Manchester

THE WAY THE UNIVERSE WORKS      Maps for living happily and successfully

With Leo Rutherford

A set of maps for your life journey. The Medicine Wheel teachings are stunningly wonderful multi-dimensional maps of Life, the Universe and Everything. When we understand and integrate the wheels and their deep meanings into our subtle body, we can place any issue on the wheel and see into the forces at work, the challenges brought and the solutions possible.

The Universe works like a hall of mirrors. At all times people and events are mirroring your inner life process and prodding you to develop, to grow and to become more enlightened.

This workshop will address life challenges through the magic of the Medicine Wheel, shamanic journeying and ceremonial techniques and will provide you with maps of the territory of life and experiences of ‘seeing’ into the matrix.

The Centre For Dynamic Health & Wellbeing, 1 Curzon Road, Sale, Manchester, M33 7DR.       Info/Booking:    £120


May 18th  Sunday  10.30am – 5.30pm                                                                         London

TRANCE DANCE CEREMONY  With Leo Rutherford, Paul Cerigo & James Mills.

This is a profound movement practice experienced aided by live percussive music that can initiate a process of deep change. Enabling patterns that support us in our daily life to become conscious and tapping into our ancestral knowledge, thus restoring a deeper awareness. This moves us toward the truth of ourselves. 

Venue: TripSpace, 339-340 Acton Mews, Dalston, London E8 4EA

Full Details & booking: James Mills – £65 early bird

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Trance Dance article by Jane Alexander

Eagle's Wing Trance Dance Workshop

Shamanic Trance Dance

Back in the 90’s Jane Alexander came to a Trance-Dance session and wrote a piece for the Daily Mail.  It is very descriptive of what happens and shows some of the benefits of  this great way of dancing beyond the self-controls of the mind over the emotions.

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Contemporary Shamanism by Leo Rutherford

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The Sweatlodge. Reflections by Leo Rutherford

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The medicine Wheel by Leo Rutherford

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The Star Maiden’s Circle by Leo Rutherford

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